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Criminal Defense

Jeff Wolff has prosecuted and defended criminal cases for 20 years, defending almost every type of criminal charge from speeding to capital murder during his career.



Jeff Wolff has prosecuted and defended DUI cases for 20 years.

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Drug Possession

Jeff Wolff has defended hundreds if not thousands of drug cases during his 20 years practicing law and has taken many of those to trial.



With many years of experience in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer, Jeff has defended 1000's of clients throughout his career. He has won appeals at the Georgia Supreme Court on numerous high profile cases such as murder and serious felony cases.

As a certified instructor in NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Jeff regularly attends national and state DUI seminars on the latest trends and scientific techniques.

Jeff has been a featured speaker a state criminal law conferences and has been on the board of numerous statewide legal organizations. Jeff has also served as a county judge and prosecutor. 

“During the many years I served as an Assistant District Attorney then Municipal Judge, I watched and learned all the successful methods and strategies defense attorneys used to protect and help their clients. I know the way the courts work from the inside and on both sides of the floor. I have defended individuals charged with serious crimes for more than a decade." - Jeff Wolff


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Retain Mr. Wolff's Services

Jeff, was stellar his office was super diligent, responsive at a moment's notice, and saw my case through till we achieved our desired outcome. "Superbia in Proelio",

So thankful that I chose Mr. Wolff!

His wonderful ability to communicate was clearly appreciated not just by me but by members of law enforcement and opposing council as well. I truly feel without his help I would have had a completely different outcome. 

Jeff is wonderful!

Jeff recently helped me out with a DUI charge and was wonderful. He and his staff got back to me immediately with all questions and concerns that I had. He is an extremely knowledgeable and pleasant person to be around. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his type of representation.

Does his job and more

I highly recommend Mr. Wolff, I'm from south carolina and had to hire him for something in GA and he went above and beyond for us and had my husband home with in a week. He did as he promised, he is a true and honest lawyer, Him and Pam done an amazing job and I'm beyond greatful!

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Paralegal/Office Manager/Administrator

36 Years of Experience

Pam has over 36 years legal experience. She is a fully qualified Paralegal and has worked exclusively for Jeff for over 18 years with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the criminal field and is responsible for all administrative duties within the firm and is very familiar with court procedures in all North Georgia counties.

She has an excellent working relationship with court personnel, judges and prosecution offices and is well respected within the legal profession. Client liaison is very important to her and every effort is made to keep clients informed at all times as to the status of their respective cases.

She strives to instill confidence whereby the clients know they can count on her and are truly being taken care of in a professional and timely manner during a time in their lives when they are under enormous pressure. 

Experienced DUI and Drug Defense Attorney. Former Judge and Prosecutor.

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