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Drug cases range is severity from misdemeanor marijuana to trafficking in controlled substances.  Jeff has defended hundreds if not thousands of drug cases and has taken many of those to trial.  A key factor in a majority of drug cases is making sure to file all motions in a timely manner especially a motion to suppress illegal search and seizure.  Often the best defense to a drug charge is that the drugs were found during an illegal search.  This defense needs to be asserted early in the case and the investigation in order to assert this defense needs to be done prior to filing the motion.


Possible consequences of a conviction for drug offenses:

Prison; Probation; A felony record; loss of the right to possess a firearm or vote; loss of student loans; expulsion or suspension from university or other educational setting; loss of job or difficulty being hired; loss of professional license; inability to receive necessary medications in the future.  This is not an exhaustive list but some of the most common consequences for a drug conviction.  Not every client of mine avoids a Drug conviction or all of these consequences – Jeff would never make such a silly promise and hope you would not engage a lawyer that would make a promise along those lines.  


What Jeff will do is:


  1. Listen to what you have to say

  2. Find out what happened in your case

  3. Work hard to determine what law applies to your case and make sure the prosecutor and judge also understand this

  4. Fight for you in court 

  5. If it comes to resolving your case without a trial – try to get a sentence that works for your needs

  6. Work hard for you and keep your best interest in mind always 

  7. Be available to you during this stressful and difficult process


In addition, Georgia has a number of ways drugs cases can be resolved without a felony conviction including diversion and first offender sentences.  These can be complicated and the appropriateness can only be determined on a case by case basis.  You will need consult with me or another qualified lawyer for us to determine what is the best path for your case.  

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