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A member of our staff is standing by 24/7: (706) 867-9098

If you have been arrested, it is guaranteed that you need a criminal defense attorney. The decisions you face will have a big effect on the outcome of your case and the Law Office of Jeff Wolff will aggressively defend against all types of criminal offenses.

As a former Municipal Court Judge, Assistant District Attorney and experienced criminal defense lawyer with over 25 years experience, Jeff Wolff can handle all aspects of your case from start to finish, including a jury trial. Jeff can give you the best opportunity for a favorable outcome to your case, whether you're facing criminal charges in Atlanta, Sandy Springs or North Georgia, contact Jeff today. (706) 867-9098

With criminal defense cases timing is important. Jeff is happy to discuss your case at any point in the proceedings from pre-arrest to post conviction, the earlier you contact him often the more he can help.  Please call Jeff as soon as you know that the government may be investigating you and accusing you of criminal conduct.


Jeff has had many victories and a few losses over the years.  A couple victories in the area of criminal defense he wants to share are the following (for privacy purposes – Jeff only feels comfortable listing reported case – these are cases that were appealed to the Georgia Court of Appeals or Supreme Court):


Won a murder case without going to trial

State of Georgia v. Dempsey, 290 Ga. 763 (2012)

In this case Jeff was able to successfully able to argue that the government improperly charged his client with murder TWICE!  In both instances the government violated the law when they presented the case to the Grand Jury.  Jeff argued the case all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court and won!  This was a complete victory for our client and meant that he had to be released on all charges.  You have to follow the law to enforce the law.


State of Georgia v. Hipp, 327 Ga. App. 266 (2014) Reversed a 10 year prison conviction!

In this case Jeff was hired after his client had been convicted by a jury and sentenced to 10 years in prison for aggravated assault and related charges.  After working on the case, it was evident that his initial claim for self-defense prior to his trial was valid and should have been granted by the trial judge.  After a number of appeals, Jeff also got the Georgia Supreme Court to review this case and his client was ultimately acquitted of all charges.

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